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What is the problem the startup is solving? Blockchain technology upgradation helps to eliminate frauds and makes secure all the transaction. paper money circulation is reduced. Protect the environment, balance the ecosystem to some extent and helps carbon reduction when the digital currency becomes the parallel currency it complements to the legal tender issued and in circulation. Also this Company goes with purchase and sale of various products from South Korea which helps the assembly process in production and thereby reduce time of production and improve productivity.

Secured Payment System

How does your startup propose to solve this problem? Make this digital currency widely accepted by Hotels, Business establishments and other outlets like petrol pump stations, cinemas, hotels etc. By supplementing the paper money in circulation it helps the Government to cost reduction. reduction in carbon emission, stability and secure transactions are safely deals with all the business payment and receipts Further we establish various project through investment which increases the production for supply to various factories and generate employment and investment opportunities are catered.

Guaranteed Returns

What is the uniqueness of your solution?* Prevent and eliminate financial frauds with distributive ledger block-chian technology. virtual currency makes the possession invisible and faster transfer of funds with safety and security. The funds that comes out of Digital Assets/currency is invested locally in the Country and thereby creates potential employment at larger level. with proper check and balance, under strict monitoring, the frauds are eliminated as we use the block-chain technology and distributive ledger technology. Invested money increases the production and attribute to the GDP. How does your startup generate revenue?* By selling the digital currency that is mined, farmed at our location. This revenue again invested into projects which again supplement the price stability. This is again generate funds from the invested proceeds with various Government and non-government projects and business Apart from this, the Digital assets are traded in the exchange, create money generation, as platform fees, transaction fees increases the revenue to the Company. Also the profits of the Company are distributed to the agents who are employed as bonus at the year end. This makes the employees to add to their income.


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